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Personal customer page.
By signing up, you get instant access to your own personal customer page where you may view your last placed orders and their current state;

Receive first hand news about discounts, sales and new items even before they show up on the website.
When you sign up with us, you may choose to receive our news bulletin with first hand information about arriving items,  discounts that may go up to 50% or even more, and other surprising offers.

Lifetime discount levels.
VIP customers will benefit from special lifelong discount levels. These levels are based on how much you have ever spent with us and they never depreciate, even if you don´t buy anything else from us for over 10 years!

This discount is automatically applied when you make your online order, it´s lifelong, and it will be applied to every single order, independent of their value.

Discount Levels:
Level 1 = Total processed orders exceeding 250 € - 3% Discount
Level 2 = Total processed orders exceeding 500 € - 5% Discount
Level 3 = Total processed orders exceeding 750 € - 7% Discount
Level 4 = Total processed orders exceeding 1000 € - 10% Discount
Level 5 = Total processed orders exceeding 1500 € - 15% Discount

Double payment in contests that may be prized up to € 500!
Once in a while Cupido launches magnificent contests where everyone may participate. If you are a Cupido VIP, and you are already on the first level, your prize may duplicate and you could receive up to 500 EUROS!

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