Here, we will assist you in the following points:

Where to buy your erotic toys
How to introduce sex toys into your sex life
Maintenance of your erotic toys


In this field, we are always a little suspicious, because we have both physical stores and online stores. In any case, we inform you that all our items have been previously selected so that the customer, in each purchase they make, can be guaranteed that they will, in fact, acquire an item with high quality standards and durability. We only work with the best brands or items, which by their characteristics, can offer great quality at great prices.

We do everything so that our customers are satisfied with both our service and the products they may acquire.

Extending the topic a little more, if you prefer to look for your items in other companies, we'll give you some tips to avoid being fooled and to not buy articles that in the catalogue look fantastic, but in reality leave a little to be desired.

In the past, it was very complicated to buy sex toys. Physical stores were few and all turned towards pornography, which doesn´t interest all people. Not all appreciate entering a shady store surrounded by pornographic images and the unmistakable smell of the booths. As an option, you could order toys by catalogue, but the products wouldn´t always correspond to the visualized image.


But now everything is easier!

There are already stores spread around the world, quite pleasant and turned towards eroticism, some even with their own Internet shop where you can, in the comfort of your homes, view the catalogue, choose some articles that interest you most, and then head to the street store for advice and see the items live and in your hands, avoiding you to buy stuff you just didn´t understand from the images!

In this field our advice is quite simple:

If you are looking for some sort of erotic item, such as toys, creams, lubricants, lingerie, whatever... the best way to do so is to go to a store of your liking and ask for advice from those who work there. The person behind the counter will be more than happy to explain what is what, and to advise the product that is most suited to you. You will be surprised with the willingness of those who attend you, and you will always know exactly what you are going to take home.

If the store in question also has a store on the Internet, better yet. Take a moment at home and look at the catalogue so that when you go to the store, you'll already have some ideas about what you want to buy.

If you still prefer to shop directly at an internet store, be careful! Be cautious.


In order for your purchase to be secure, before you buy make sure the store has the following requirements (this is for any purchase on the Internet):

1- If it is associated with a physical store, it is always a good option;

2- Check in the contacts if they have a physical address or a department (if not, then you will complain to whom?);

3- Make sure they have landline (any company worthy of the name has a landline);

4- Make sure the company VAT number is visible;

5- When you receive items, make sure you have received a receipt (if not, then you are aiding someone who does not feel like paying taxes, is this what you want to promote?).

If the store where you want to make your purchases has all these requirements, then buy! There should be no major problems.

There are also some stores that have endless catalogues, from the customer's point of view it may even seem appealing, but this only means that there was no selection criteria for the items and you could easily be mistaken in buying an item of doubtful quality. To the same extent, make sure that the item you are purchasing is in stock, or that the delivery time is visible, otherwise you may have to wait about 1 month to see the items at home!

With that said, it may even seem self-promotion, since you will realize that Cupid has of all these requirements. This only means that our company has quality and a good position in the market. But there are more, we are not the only ones to do things well. Know how to identify them!


From my own experience, working behind a counter in a sex shop, I often hear the comment:

- Me? I do not need these things!

Hmmm, interesting concept, but following the same line of reasoning, do you also not need to buy another pair of pants? A new car? A playstation? Going on holiday to Brazil?
Probably not. So why do you spend money on it?

Because life is short!


We must make the most of it!
Make the most of it because tomorrow belongs to God. In my opinion, just waking up another day is already reason to thank someone.

I could fill this page with a thousand and one reasons why people should give more of themselves, show feelings to others, say they like when they do, say they love if that's what goes on in their souls. But i´ll not. This is a path that each one has to decide for themselves.

With that said and before going on to topic of this conversation, I´ll ask you for a simple thing that will not take up too much time.
Spend 30 seconds, and through SMS, phone, mobile phone, or in person if possible, tell your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, whoever, that you love them very much. That they are the most important things in your life.... if possible, give them a kiss to accompany. Don´t make speeches! A few words are enough.



If you make a speech the impact will not be the same.

Seriously. Do this for yourselves, for your companions. Do it in the name of love! And i assure you ... You will earn points and mentally prepare your loved one for a great night in bed!
So. Did you do it?
Do it!! Now!!
Gooooo !!

Now. Where was i..
oh yes:
- Me? I don´t need these things!

In my opinion the major problem is not needing or not needing something. It's the lack of communication, my friends. The taboo. Two determining factors that will allow you to have, or not have, pleasure with your partner.

Now, let's dedicate ourselves to improving our sex life. But for this, you will also need to feel comfortable talking about your sexuality with your partner. Open the game, communicate. Certainly when you go to the doctor and he asks what's going on, you tell them. You often share very intimate details of your personal life with the gentleman in the white coat.
It's about time you do it with your partner. With a little luck, your partner will be more open to these games than you think.

Once you have overcome the biggest difficulty and finally got the "okay, we can try it, but if you do not like it, i will stop," it's time to introduce some toys into your sex life.

At this stage, do not even think about taking out the magician's hat, a mega dildo, worthy of a porn star, that seemed to have spent the first half of his life, dangling weights!
None of that please. Just go slowly ...

Ideally, it´s always best, to start of with some feathers, a pair of cute handcuffs, a massage oil...
Be discreet, don´t start with items that resemble a substitute for your best friend. You must cultivate interest before passing to other products.

Then move to the XXX Pharmacy section. If you are a fan of oral sex, a flavoured lubricant may be a good approach. As well as disguising a less pleasant odour (not due to lack of hygiene, but some people have a slightly more intense odours) as it is edible and has a rather pleasant aroma, there will always be the possibility of someone going crazy, down on you, and start mimicking a kind of vacuum cleaner with carpet washing function, "as seen on TV"!.

Get you edible product, here.

You can also give the hint: "hey look ... since the lubricant is already there, what about anal?" Hehehe.
If you are not yet an adept of oral and anal sex, my condolences... you have no idea of what you have been missing!

There are also some very interesting stimulant or delay creams and sprays on the market.

Delayers, as the name implies, help to delay ejaculation allowing guy to increase performance. See these products, Here.

And we have stimulants normally used by women. (funny, men usually seem to be in a hurry and women never seem to get there... something is just terribly wrong here)
Applying a little of this magic cream on the clitoris, will make it significantly more sensitive, facilitating orgasm, and the possibility of being congratulated with:
- "Oh baby, that was soooo intense!"

See our stimulants, Here.

If you want to be a little more daring and start with a few toys, the best way to start is with some bullets or Clit Stimulators, that offer delightful moments to your partners vagina, whilst you may take into account their reactions, and learn where they prefer to be caressed. Click Here for some suggestions.

Whatever the item of your choice, always opt for high quality items. It's your body we're talking about.
And since we are talking about buying products, please carefully read the previous topic "Where to get your erotic toys". And learn how to buy the best products.

If you still do not have any of these pleasure gadgets, buy a large box to store them. Because once you start, you´ll never stop! wink



Like any other equipment, your erotic toy will work better and longer if you take good care of it.
As your toys come in contact with your intimacy and those of your companion, it is always important to clean them well, after each use.


Just as cleansing is important, where you store your toys is equally as important. You don't want a stranger to find your toys...
Ideally, they should be stored in a plastic box, where they will remain dry and safe until they are again called upon. Wrapping them inside a clean towel or individually in a plastic zipper bag, is mandatory. Never store your toys together with each other.


Washing your toys should always be meticulous. In the case of toys without electrical parts, or other parts that should not be submerged, cleaning is simpler. Wash them with warm water and soap until they are completely clean, allow them to dry naturally (do not be aggressive in the drying process as some materials do not tolerate dry rubbing very well, and may be damaged) and afterwards, it is very important to apply disinfectant spray suitable for toys, hence protecting yourself against infections.
Find the disinfectants, Here.

In the case of vibrating toys, do not submerge them unless the toy is rechargeable and waterproof.
The washing and drying process is similar.

If it's possible to disassemble the electrical parts, disassemble them.
Most articles do not allow disassembly, in that case you should wash them very carefully to avoid getting water inside them, that will surely result in damaging your toy.

After washing and drying, remove the batteries to avoid damage. Store the toy, preferably without the battery compartment cover, to prevent any moisture from damaging it. (Devices without separate control).


Higher quality items made from cyberskin, futurotic or Ur3 should be stored, sprinkled with toy renovation powder to preserve their characteristics and prevent them from cracking due to lack of moisture. Get the renewing powder, Here.

Before using your toy again, pass them through warm water and apply some disinfectant spray to kill off any deposited bacteria.


Nowadays, most high grade toys are rechargeable, however, if you buy a battery operated item, please note:

If you use your toy often, or if you already have a few, the use of rechargeable batteries will surely be the best option. As a reference, you can choose between NiMHs, which last longer at use, but fade out quicker in standby. Or the NiCad, that on the other hand, last less, but hold charge better when not in use.

If you use your toy one time or another, buying alkaline batteries should be enough.
Assuming that use will be frequent, hurry up, go to the nearest store and get your rechargeable batteries and a charger.

And once again with all this said, it remains for me to wish you well and ....
Have a good time....
Life is short wink

Good shopping!